The Billboard Project

John Lilley Photography Billboard Image



Adams Outdoor Advertising is a company that owns and rents advertising space on highway billboards. At any given time there are billboards that are not rented for advertising. The company decided, in an act of enlightened self-interest, it would be a good idea to feature local artists on some of the unrented billboards. A juried competition was held, and my entry was among those chosen for a billboard. 

The billboard is 14 X 48 feet. The image had to be created to fit into this long and narrow rectangle. The picture itself is printed on heavy duty vinyl, which is then stretched over the billboard structure. The Artist pays for the printing. My image will be moved to other billboards from time to time, depending on which structures are rented or not rented. The vinyl lasts for about one year, at which time it will be retired to storage in my studio.