About the Artist

I am a Michigan based photographer active in the medium since the mid-1960s. In 1974 I began working with large format view cameras. These cameras allow, actually require, a slower more contemplative style of image making—this has been my continuing passion. For many years I worked exclusively in black & white. Ansel Adams was my hero.

I took some time off from photography in the 1980s, returning to it in the early 1990s. At this time, essentially the beginning of the digital era, I decided to change direction and began to study digital applications in color photography. Being out of the wet darkroom was very freeing for me. I have a love-hate relationship with the digital technology—I love the precise control available in creative image making, but dislike the frustration of technological glitches.

My favorite activity is roaming the countryside in my Sportsmobile named “Lenzrovr”. I love searching for and discovering interesting images in out of the way places. My photo backpack, Ebony view camera, and Gitzo tripod all fit in a custom compartment in the back of the van.

My May, 2012 exhibit at Kerrytown Concert House was reviewed by John Carlos Cantu, Art Reviewer for the online and print versions of www.AnnArbor.com. Click here to read the review.


John Lilley Photography - About The Artist